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Atlas Orthogonal at Hoffart Chiropractic

model of a spine

At Hoffart Chiropractic, we use a chiropractic approach that focuses on the upper most bone of your spine called the atlas. Distortions in spinal function show up here.

The Analysis

We rely on pictures of your spine to calculate the precise relationships between your skull and spine. The side view reveals how much of the normal curve has been lost or exaggerated. The nasium view, taken with your mouth open, shows the alignment between the head and neck. The vertex view is a “bird’s eye” view which shows the position of the atlas relative to your skull. Together, these views are used to calculate the precise angle of our adjusting instrument.

The Instrument

Our instrument delivers a precise chiropractic adjustment. At first glance, it would appear that the stylus would need to be blunter to deliver force to the misaligned bone. But the stylus will barely touch your skin! Instead, it moves so quickly it creates a pressure wave! Much like one billiard ball striking another, energy is transferred to your atlas, delivering the 4 to 6 pounds of pressure needed to precisely move the bone.

Pleasing Results

After your adjustment, some people report a pleasant warm feeling or a sense of well being. In rare cases, within minutes there is a complete relief of symptoms. But it usually requires repeated visits to retrain supporting muscles and create a healthier relationship between your skull and spine. As nerve interference is reduced, your body’s natural healing ability is invoked.

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