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Auto Accident Chiropractic at Hoffart Chiropractic

person with neck pain after auto accidentWhen you’re involved in an auto accident, extensive soft tissue injury can occur—even when the accident is just a minor fender bender. These soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can take a long time to heal. Helping ensure that your body heals fully—and with proper alignment and biomechanics—is what we do at Hoffart Chiropractic.

With his extensive experience and training, Dr. Hoffart can work with you and your other medical professionals to provide a comprehensive approach to healing.

Our Expert Chiropractor

Dr. Hoffart has over 30 years’ experience helping patients who have been hurt in car accidents. He has pursued extensive advanced education and training in the area of accident injuries, including:
  • Postgraduate Neurology Diplomate Graduate Trained
  • Spine Research Institute of San Diego Graduate
  • Whiplash and Brain Traumatology
  • CRASH (Center for Research into Automotive Safety and Health)
  • Full-scale reconstruction training program using live human occupants and BioRID dummy in automobile crash testing
  • Occupant Kinematics course
  • Accident Reconstructionist
  • Active Release Techniques® Full Body Provider Active Release Technique Long Tract Nerve Entrapments

Leaving No Stone Unturned

We take very comprehensive X-rays to verify injury and determine if injury to your ligament structures exists. We have a radiologist do a complete report to document your injuries. We also work closely with local MRI centers and top notch medical experts in their fields.

In addition, we will work with pain management, orthopedic specialists, neurologists, and surgeons as needed. We include and comanage care with any other necessary medical professionals to turn over every stone possible to get you better.

Guiding You Through the Process

It’s bad enough you’ve been injured—now you have the additional headache of dealing with insurance and red tape.

We will work with your insurance company and help you navigate the process of getting the care you deserve. We will also prepare thorough documentation of your injuries and care for your insurance company and your attorney.

Don’t Wait to Get Care

The sooner you seek care after an accident, the better we will be able to assess and address your injuries—and ensure you get the care you’re entitled to. Contact us today to schedule.


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