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Hoffart Chiropractic
Frequently Asked Questions

Common Answers to Questions We Hear

Like other chiropractors, at Hoffart Chiropractic we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

Do you have any questions that aren’t answered here? Contact us today and let us answer all of your questions.

What are your qualifications?

Dr. Hoffart has been actively treating patients in Rocklin since 1991. He is one of a small group in California that completed a Post-Graduate program in Neurology in 1997 taught by Ted Carrick, DC, PhD. (the Father of Functional Neurology / Chiropractic Neurology). He also is full body certified and current in Active Release Technique (ART).Dr. Hoffart is a Graduate of the San Diego Spine Research Institute for studies in Whiplash. Additional to this area of Whiplash treatment Dr. Hoffart completed a program of accessing live-human crash testing, completed an Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanics program at UC Riverside with Sean Shimada, PhD.On the less formal side, Dr. Hoffart has and continues to treat and consult with athletes ranging from professional baseball pitchers to cyclists, as well as weekend warriors and 90 y/o grandmothers.

Do you practice a specialty that is related to my condition?

Dr. Hoffart began practice in Rocklin to be close to his family. Having grown up in Loomis with a large extended family he wanted to make sure he could help his patients with a multitude of conditions. Therefore he continues to evolve as a Rocklin CA chiropractor and clinician and feels that if he is practicing the same way in 3 years that he is now, he isn’t keeping current with his knowledge and application of care. In saying that, Dr. Hoffart has become very good at treating a number of conditions with an emphasis on Whiplash, headaches, neck, shoulder and low back pain/sciatic. He has seen increasing success with plantar fasciitis, hip, knee and ankle/foot issues in the past 3-5 years also.

Do you commonly treat my condition?

Rocklin Chiropractors with more experience relevant to treating your condition are better than those with little or no experience treating your condition. While many conditions are similar, a doctor who sees a lot of the type you are seeking to correct will have more knowledge of what works, and what works more effectively.

What type of diagnostic testing is needed?

Hoffart Chiropractic offers in-house x-ray services, as well as electro-diagnostic testing.

How many times a week must I come for an adjustment?

Treatment frequency varies on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Hoffart does not offer “blanket/general recommendations” of 3 times/wk for his new patients. Many offices still use this approach with their new patients. Some accepted cases are only seen 1-2 times before they are released from active treatment. Again, because you are an individual you will be treated as such. You are not just “another patient” at Hoffart Chiropractic.

Do you use your hands or an instrument for the chiropractic manipulation?

Active Release Technique is a patented hands-on approach to removing scar tissue/adhesions non-surgically. As one of a handful of Certified ART providers in the Sacramento Area, Dr. Hoffart takes pride combining Chiropractic with ART. Chiropractic is delivered both using hands-on and instrument adjusting depending on the needs of the patient.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic is an extremely gentle instrument based technique that other Chiropractors refer to Dr. Hoffart for. Often you will see other Rocklin Chiropractors in the waiting room for their ART or Atlas Orthogonal treatments.

How long does each session last?

After the initial office visit(s) and Dr. Hoffart has focused and prioritized the treatment necessary, each treatment lasts about 10 minutes. We work diligently to balance effectiveness and respect for your time.

Is working out the same as getting adjusted?

I wish it was. Unfortunately exercise, as good as it is, is not a replacement for an adjustment or Active Release Technique. If it was, I wouldn’t treat so many high-level athletes. Exercise is an important part of good health, but without normal spinal function a physical workout puts additional wear and tear on your improperly functioning spinal joints.

What is chiropractic care?

Your spine is the life support of your nervous system. All functions through your body, including movement and feeling are controlled by your spine. Chiropractic care will align your spine through gentle hand pressure or instrument adjustments and help your body work on getting healed.

Subluxation, what is it?

When your spinal segments are no longer properly aligned or become fixated, this is called subluxation. Being misaligned, pressure is placed on the spinal nerves and causes numbness and tingling. You may also suffer from headaches, back and neck pain and you may feel more tired than normal. Since your nervous system controls you immunity, you may be more susceptible to illness. Realigning these segments so that your nervous system can operate properly is the job of a Chiropractor.

Does the popping sound cause damage to the joints?

You may hear popping noise when certain adjustments are made by your Chiropractor. Much like what you hear when popping your knuckles, the noise is simply gas being released from the fluid around your joints. There has never been evidence, with multiple studies conducted, that damage or degeneration to your joints is caused by the release of gas.

Does it hurt getting adjusted by a chiropractor?

Many patients feel great after their visit to the chiropractor. But you may feel some “exercise soreness” after your first couple of visits. Meaning you may have some minor ache, much like you feel after a good workout.

How long is a typical visit to receive treatment?

5-10 minutes is all it takes to most adjustments. This all depends on what the individual needs. Most Chiropractors manually adjust your spine by using pressure created with their hands. Some adjustments might require the use of an Activator Instrument or Atlas Orthogonal Instrument.

Why do I have to come back for more adjustments?

It took months or even years for the compilation of your musculoskeletal problems to occur. What took months to create, can not be undone in a day. Because most people wait for a while to visit the chiropractor, it takes time to overcome the damage that the body has undergone. When your back screams in agony when you bend over to pick something up on the floor, it likely wasn’t the weight of the item that caused the problem. Your body had a pre-existing weakness that was simply revealed when bending in a certain position. This is really an old problem that was brought to light and may take some time to correct.

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