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Sports Chiropractic at Hoffart Chiropractic

two people working outDr. Hoffart has been an athlete most of his life and has completed numerous marathons and Ironman Triathlons, in addition to being a master’s bicycle racer. So he understands the additional demands athletes place on their bodies and the types of repetitive and acute injuries that can go along with any athletic endeavor.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, a youth or a senior, we offer customized care to help address injuries and allow you to perform at your peak level. Regular chiropractic care can also help your body recover faster and more completely after intense training sessions or competitive events.

Biomechanics and Muscle Function

Any misalignment in your spine or inability of your muscles to properly stabilize your joints can lead to injury, slow your recovery, or hinder your performance.

With over 30 years’ experience helping athletes, Dr. Hoffart has a keen interest in biomechanics and muscle function. Our care is designed to find balance in a way to help you continue to train, continue to recover, and avoid future injury.

Our Approach to Care

We rely on a thorough examination process, often including comprehensive X-rays, to locate areas of misalignment or instability that are contributing to your condition. Dr. Hoffart will design a care plan based on your specific situation to correct the problem and get you back in the game.

Your care may include a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques, such as Activator Methods®, Impulse IQ® and Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Correction, as well as Active Release Techniques®, and SoftWave TRT.

The Importance of Regular Care

Nearly every Olympic and professional athletic team in every sport has a team chiropractor—for good reason! Regular chiropractic care can help keep your spine properly aligned, removing interference from the nervous system so that your brain and body can communicate clearly and effectively. This is crucial for eye/hand coordination, reflexes, and split-second timing, allowing you to perform at your highest level.

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