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Hoffart Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Rocklin Patients Say

At Hoffart Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Charles Testimonial

“The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly! From the moment I walked in the office I felt comfortable with the team. Dr Hoffart went over and beyond to take the time to go over in detail anatomy and things that other chiropractors failed to mention. Dr Hoffart has explained to me my treatment plan and his goal and that my ailments are not an overnight fix, but he is up for the challenge!

I can’t thank him and his staff enough for all that they do. I always look forward to going to my appointment because I know I am in good hands!”

-Rachel L.

Martha C.“Dr. Hoffart is the ultimate professional. Knowledgeable and so educational at every visit. He made a difference immediately with my back pain and was so clear on the issue and the process of recovery. This is like no other chiropractic office I have visited. Love the staff and all the info shared via website, emails and visits. Truly a guru in his field who clearly loves what he does. They treat patients with kindness and are all around great human beings. They receive receive my highest recommendation.”

-Martha C.

¨You guys are great!! The staff is super friendly and always a pleasure to work with! I always look forward to their upbeat personalities! Dr. Hoffart is extremely knowledgeable! From the moment that he examined my back and neck he knew exactly where my problem was just by touching my spine. The techniques he uses is so different and I have full confidence that he will help me get back to a pain free life!¨

-Amy M.

“I am very glad Dr Hoffart does this very unique procedure, I have very extensive medical conditions and he is the Best practitioner for my needs. I was in a lot of pain and had a neurosurgery 2 months prior.I walked in his office with leg spams and difficulty walking and in a lot of pain. He has strengthen my back, leg and hip muscles with the atlas orthogonal treatment.

I was able to walk much better after the 1 st treatment, and have continued to get better everyday since. My general pain is reduced , I eat and sleep better I have a long way to go but I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Hoffart , I also have other family members that are seeing him for other conditions.

If you are like me with sensitive and serious conditions and are afraid of conventional chiropractic treatments I strongly suggest you see Dr. Hoffart. His staff is very compassionate and caring too, overall a very great experience I always look forward to my treatments.”

-Sunita P.

“From the moment I spoke to Shanon on the phone I felt welcomed. Such friendly service and I was able to get in on short notice. Dr. Hoffart was very knowledgeable and addressed my issues. I felt like I was on the road to recovery almost immediately after he worked the affected areas. I had never been to a Chiropractor before but heard and read about so many happy clients. I am so glad I came into the office to see the doctor. Great experience!”
-Lynn R.

“I had been going to another licensed chiropractic care facility for over 90 days and never really felt the relief in my neck and shoulders I was seeking. One visit from Dr. Hoffart and I noticed results that I didn’t realize my body was impacted by because of my misaligned atlas. Dr. Hoffart really understands how to explain what is happening to me without feeling lost in all the technical terms. I’m relieved to be in Dr. Hoffart’s care for me and any of my families future chiropractic needs. Thank you.”
-Anthony P.

“So happy I found Hoffart Chiropractic! I have used chiropractic care for over 30 years and have seen many, many different DCs. The techniques Dr. Hoffart uses are the very best! It has been many years since my last adjustment and the amount of relief I felt after just the first appointment assures me we are on the right track and I will get my alignment back! I could not be more pleased!”
-Susan N.

“Dr. listened to me about my situation, did what I thought was a thorough examination of my condition and gave me a comprehensive analysis of his findings. Overall, he was professional, communicated and honest. Couldn’t ask for anything more or better than what I received. I will definitely refer to him in the future. Thank you for your time and honesty.”
-Stephen F.

“You were the only one of many to find our problem. We are glad that Dr. Leonard Wong referred me to you. He knew that I needed specialized treatment for upper cervical. Dr. Hoffart is so meticulous and gentle. So glad we are getting his excellent work done on me.”
-Vera E.

“I truly love the fact that you want your patients to be educated about their health!”
-Lezli M.

“What a friendly office! Dr. Hoffart has been very helpful with my plantar fasciitis as I am back running again! He is also working to relieve my neck and shoulder pain from being miss-aligned for so long. His methods are gentle and they work! I am so grateful to have found Dr. Hoffart.”
-Susan P.

“The care and service I have received from Dr. Hoffart and his staff has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Vince to others in need of chiropractic care. If you have an injury that has not responded well to other types of care give Dr. Hoffart a chance he might be able to solve your problem.”
-Rich T.

“The Hoffart Chiropractic Team are the best of the best. As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer, I was impressed with Dr. Hoffart’s knowledge and techniques. He is truly interested in working with his patients to restore pain free function and quality of movement. I will definitely refer our clients to your excellent services.”
-Suzanne G.

“You have helped me in many other areas, you work on one part of my body that give me more mobility in other parts, of my body Thanks!”
-Gilbert B.

“This place is really great! Wow, I cant believe what a fantastic operation they have going at Hoffart Chiropractic. I experienced immediate benefit from my treatments by Dr. Vince for my tennis elbow that was sidelining me from Speed Golf. When I win the World Championships it will be mostly thanks to my incredible talent but partly thanks to Hoffart Chiropractic.”
- Brad K.

“Dr. Hoffart and the staff are great to me. The staff always gives me a reminder call the day before the appointment which I value. Dr. Hoffart really cares about my well being, and I really appreciate all he has done for me.”
- S. Powell

“I’ve had chronic back pain for 22 years. Being in the military moving every three years, I’ve been treated by 15 different chiropractors. I would put Vince Hoffart right at the top of the list for effectively treating my condition as well complimenting the professionalism of his staff.”
- D. Brown

“I have been going through a rough year and Dr. Hoffart and staff have been encouraging , compassionate and understanding.”
- C. Salzmann

“I can’t thank Dr. Hoffart and his staff enough. My quality of life has improved so much since I’ve been going to them. Thank you for all your help.”
- S. Somers

“I was very impressed with Dr. Hoffart and the staff. My first visit went very well. Thanks!.”
- T. Smith

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