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Hoffart Chiropractic Reviews

“I had been going to another licensed chiropractic care facility for over 90 days and never really felt the relief in my neck and shoulders I was seeking. One visit from Dr. Hoffart and I noticed results that I didn’t realize my body was impacted by because of my misaligned atlas. Dr. Hoffart really understands how to explain what is happening to me without feeling lost in all the technical terms. I’m relieved to be in Dr. Hoffart’s care for me and any of my families future chiropractic needs. Thank you.”
-Anthony P.

“Dr. listened to me about my situation, did what I thought was a thorough examination of my condition and gave me a comprehensive analysis of his findings. Overall, he was professional, communicated and honest. Couldn’t ask for anything more or better than what I received. I will definitely refer to him in the future. Thank you for your time and honesty.”
-Stephen F.

“You were the only one of many to find our problem. We are glad that Dr. Leonard Wong referred me to you. He knew that I needed specialized treatment for upper cervical. Dr. Hoffart is so meticulous and gentle. So glad we are getting his excellent work done on me.”
-Vera E.

“I truly love the fact that you want your patients to be educated about their health!”
-Lezli M.

“What a friendly office! Dr. Hoffart has been very helpful with my plantar fasciitis as I am back running again! He is also working to relieve my neck and shoulder pain from being miss-aligned for so long. His methods are gentle and they work! I am so grateful to have found Dr. Hoffart.”
-Susan P.

“The care and service I have received from Dr. Hoffart and his staff have been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Vince to others in need of chiropractic care. If you have an injury that has not responded well to other types of care give Dr. Hoffart a chance he might be able to solve your problem.”
-Rich T.

“The Hoffart Chiropractic Team are the best of the best. As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer, I was impressed with Dr. Hoffart’s knowledge and techniques. He is truly interested in working with his patients to restore pain-free function and quality of movement. I will definitely refer our clients to your excellent services.”
-Suzanne G.

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